A practical approach to modern marketing.

Congratulations! Your Bakery Just Became A Media Company

The Technology Trickle-Down Theory of Modern Marketing

When I started my marketing career 25 years ago, simply piping a marketing message to the market presented some serious problems; good “creative” work was only an (inexpensive) starting point to a drawn-out process.

Ad production was hugely expensive, and lead times were horrendous.

Online marketing was hardly any better; as recently as a decade ago, building corporate websites and firing even simple email programs required cumbersome, expensive and inflexible technology.

Even simple campaign data was hard to come by.

By today’s standards, it was hardly marketing at all.

The Technology Barriers Fall

Today, the technology barriers have largely disappeared (to a complete neophyte it doesn’t seem like it, but trust me, they have).

Even the smallest businesses have access to astonishing technology; dynamic, CMS-powered websites that integrate every conceivable media channel while easily (and instantly) publishing words, video, images, audio, feeds (and pretty much anything else).

They even tell the world when it happens.

Wholly affordable email host providers (one of whom will give you a free account) offer astonishing analytics, and will even – for free – research the social networking “connectedness” of the email addresses on your list.

In other words, connecting is easy. Publishing almost free. And getting “the word” out is no longer a problem.

Getting noticed is.

Marketing’s technology barriers have tumbled, and what remains is the message itself – which runs headlong into today’s shortened attention span and the deafening, wholly chaotic online universe (I never said it would be easy).

Instead of wrestling with technology (often expensive technology), you’re wrestling with content generation.


You’re not a marketing department (or marketer, or small businessperson, or insurance salesman, or dog walker, or…).

You’re a media company.

How are you planning to deal with that?