A practical approach to modern marketing.

I could write volumes about my intelligence, talent, and rugged good lucks – but why do so when clients have done it for me?


Tom Chandler is a unique copywriter. He combines the heart of a creative with the head of a businessman. In addition to his consistently excellent copy, Tom creates strategies that work: our ads were read and our direct mail generated response.”
Kris Leow, Art Director

“Tom is a real pro. He knows what he’s doing, and he knows how to get results. Give him an objective and he already knows the best way to reach it.”
Kim Field, Program Manager

“We called Tom Chandler when we launched our company. He quickly grasped our technology, heard what we were saying, and delivered exactly what we needed, from the perfect tagline to a clear, concise marketing white paper. Tom Chandler is a professional. He’s great to work with and I’m glad we found him.”
Vipin Samar, CEO – MyBubble Inc.

“Tom Chandler is a marcom manager’s dream.” Carolyn Dallas, Marketing Director


“I know that if I call Tom Chandler, the resulting project will make me look good. He is a very creative thinker and I love working with him!
Lisa Rosner, Director of Marketing

“Thank you Tom. Your service to us has been invaluable. We appreciate all you do.”
Susan Moore, Owner — Digital Printing Inc.


“I also wanted to say that I have had an enormously long education, culminating in getting an MBA from a darn good school, and Tom was easily one of the best instructors I’ve ever had. He does just everything right. His pace and patience with question-answering is just perfect. Maybe he could teach a wider audience on some webinar. I don’t think he realizes how good he is at getting difficult subjects across.” – Roger Young, Businessman