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Shasta Mountain Guides Streamline Their Operation

Shasta Mountain Guides wanted a website that showcased the drama inherent in their mountain guiding/skiing business — one they could update without need for a webmaster.

We delivered (great photographs make it easy), and also found and implemented a hosted online booking system that they said “revolutionized their business.”

(Always happy to help.)

The Shasta Mountain Guides website

Organizations have different goals (and business goals drive marketing). Shasta Guides not only wanted to engage with website visitors and convey their message, they also wanted to streamline their office processes.

Which we did.

Proof that we provide more than websites and words.


  • Front-Page Slideshow
  • Online booking integration
  • Embedded (inactive for now) email
  • Social media integration

California Trout’s Online Makeover

California Trout needed a makeover; their static website was hard to navigate, and this membership organization wasn’t keeping in touch with their members — via email, website or social media.

They didn’t simply need a new website. CalTrout needed an online presence.

The CalTrout website

My web partner and I built them a sophisticated WordPress-based website — one that integrated with their donor management, email and social media programs. We also created a new social media program and completely remodeled their email channel.

What emerged was a powerful new communications framework — just in time for the organization’s 40th anniversary. Today, information flows through CalTrout’s website and into its active email and social media programs.

We automated much of the process, and continue to upgrade the technology.

I’m also writing for CalTrout and providing online presence management on a contract basis.

This overhaul represents a huge success for a membership-driven organization like CalTrout, but change like this can only come from the top of a committed organization.


  • WordPress-based website (easy for staff to update)
  • Donor management, email & social media integration
  • Advanced analytics (integrated with email and social media metrics)
  • Onsite gear shop (ecommerce)
  • Powerful event scheduling/calendaring
  • Multiple slide shows
  • Tabbed front-page widget featuring live feed updates

Fall River Conservancy

The Fall River Conservancy wanted an online presence — a website designed largely to deliver information about their restoration efforts, yet one sophisticated enough to make it clear this fledgling organization was for real.

The client used words like “clean” and “credible” to describe his vision, and we delivered just that:

Fall River Conservancy website

The WordPress CMS delivered the perfect mix of features — including client access to content, so they can update the site’s information without a webmaster. We also provided copywriting during the initial project.

The client is happy, and retained us to build their email program as well as periodically update the site and update the software.

Features include:

  • News feed (blog)
  • Front page slide show
  • Integration with hosted membership/donation management program
  • Mailchimp email integration

Visit Siskiyou Tourism Website

Siskiyou County’s tourism website had grown stale and disjointed, and the remote, rural county — which depends heavily on tourism — wanted a contemporary web presence.

Thinking Man Marketing was chosen by the primary contractor to architect the new website, which was designed to mimic the features of high-end websites, but do so cost-effectively. Features included:

  • Blog
  • On-demand videos (rotated seasonally)
  • Seasonal front-page slideshow
  • Event calendar
  • Business directory (which dynamically displayed biz listings on pages based on category)
  • Rotating live weather & road condition updates
  • Email program
  • Integrated social media

Unfortunately, California’s budget crisis hit Siskiyou County hard, and they largely eliminated funding for the ongoing portions of the project (email, social media, etc).

The VisitSiskiyou.org website


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WordPress CMS (blog site)